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  • Служба качества подтверждает многолетнее успешное сотрудничество с преподавателем и исключительно положительные отзывы клиентов о занятиях.
    Спасибо за профессионализм!

    Число учеников, подготовленных через нашу компанию (долгосрочные занятия): 37.

    best regards
    Fiona Largus (18.08.2015 11:56:56)
    Briliant and creative teacher. It's a pleasure to study with her.
    Language Coordinator/Instructor Position - Sophia Vinogradova
    Michael Krauss (30.05.2013 12:11:34)
    To Whom It May Concern: I am writing in support of Sophia Vinogradova's application for the position of Language Coordinator/Instructor at the U.S. Embassy, Moscow. As both a teacher and teacher trainer who has worked for Lewis & Clark College, Portland, Oregon for over 25 years, I am very well qualified to comment on Ms. Vinogradova's qualities as an English teacher and language coordinator. I regularly offer online courses to Russian English teachers by way of grants through the English Language Office/U.S. Embassy in Moscow and U.S. Department of State. Ms. Vinogradova has participated in courses with me and has excelled in every way. I know her to be a top-notch English teacher who uses cutting edge techniques with her students. During our online courses, she has demonstrated very sophisticated English language skills. She also is competent, not only in the basic technology skills required in your job announcement, but in using Internet-based resources to enhance her classroom teaching. In addition to being an outstanding participant in my courses, Ms. Vinogradova has assisted me in presenting workshops to Russian English teachers. In February, I was hired to provide a virtual workshop for David Fay, RELO Moscow, in his course, Shaping the Way We Teach English. Ms. Vinogradova was my on-site assistant in Moscow. She lead the teachers through the workshop and also moderated a question and answer session after the workshop, at which I made a virtual appearance by way of Skype videoconference. Ms. Vinogradova lead the workshop in a very professional manner and has agreed to take on a similar role at another digital videoconference that will be held at Moscow State University in June. Based on my experiences with Ms. Vinogradova, I would highly recommend her for the Language Coordinator/Instructor position.
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